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The first-ever sauna designed to improve blood flow, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night's sleep.

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Warranty: All of our saunas come with a 3 year warranty included, and if you have any problems with your sauna, we will send technicians to come to your home to fix it completely FREE.

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Model: Medical 3™ Medical 4™ Medical 5™ Medical 6 Plus™
Rapid Internal Heating System™
Capacity 1 people 2 people 3 people 5 people
Hot/Cold Cleansing- Hot/Cold therapy
Detox Therapy – Detox Routine™
Circulation Design
3D Heat Therapy™
Cool Down System
Skin Cleansing
Natural hemlock wood construction
Interior and exterior LED control panel
Clasp together assembly
Roof Vent
Tempered glass door
MP3 auxiliary connection
Radio w/CD
Exterior ambient lighting
Interior reading
Quiet Atmosphere
Chromotherapy lighting system
Energy Efficient with 15% thicker glass and wood panels
De-stressor structured design
Heaters 6 6 9 12
Interior dimensions (WDH): 43″ x 37″ x 68″ (WDH): 43″ x 37″ x 68″ (WDH): 59″ x 41″ x 68″ (WDH): 62″ x 62″ x 68″
Exterior dimensions (WDH): 48″ x 42″ x 75″ (WDH): 47″ x 42″ x 77″ (WDH): 63″ x 45″ x 77″ (WDH): 66″ x 66″ x 77″
Operating Voltage 120V/15amp 120V/15amp 120V/20amp 120V/20amp
Weight 330 lbs. 305 lbs. 360 lbs. 500 lbs.


Early in our research, we learned there are numerous key factors that determine a perfect sauna.

Not only did our sauna have to give proper heat temperatures to penetrate the skin, it needed to provide excellent therapies and medical benefits. And, of course, its durability had to be second-to-non.

We worked around the clock with numerous manufacturers and doctors to create and develop the ultimate line of saunas. Together, we engineered a sauna that dramatically helps relieve pain through several medical benefits. We decided to call it the Medical Sauna™.


Our research led us to the discovery that creating a sauna with real medical benefits could meet people’s needs in pain relief, detoxification, weight loss, and better sleep.

We developed our award-winning combination of therapies with each feature specifically chosen for its unique properties overall effectiveness.




Medical Saunas™ are more than just saunas; they were designed to help heal your body. We have been the first ever to engineer a sauna that incorporates numerous medical benefits, and we continue to innovate beyond the industry to help you achieve absolute wellness.

Heat therapy is a therapeutic process that uses heat to rehabilitate many properties of the human body, most commonly muscle tissue. This therapy has been making great strides and is being applied and recommended by more doctors with the extended research that is being evaluated. It can be easily applied in many different uses but is trialed to be most effectively benefited through Medical Saunas.

Click here to read about the medical benefits.


Steamspa Chromatherapy Lighting System




According to a Journal, titled “What is Color Therapy” from the Insight Journal, Chromotherapy is the science of using colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in therapeutic health benefits. These benefits are meant to balance energy within a person’s body on a physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental level.

In a Medical Sauna, Chromotherapy is used with color changes in the spa using the many LED lights on the inside of the Medical Sauna. Just like a bright sunny day compared to a gray cloudy sky, different colors can send different signals to our bodies which result in how we perceive that energy. The same happens in a Medical Sauna using our color changing LED lights to achieve Chromotherapy to improve and regulate mood.

According to research conducted by the Department of Neuroscience, University of Sheffield, Chromotherapy can have therapeutic value for a range of conditions from chronic pain and depression to immune disorders.

Rapid Internal Heating System™

A very important feature that you look for in a sauna should be its heating capabilities. Unfortunately, most saunas perform poorly in this category taking nearly an hour to heat up your sauna. That’s why we were committed to making the Medical Saunas have the Rapid Internal Heating System™ and be the first and only sauna to have it. It out performs the competitors and reaches the perfect temperature in a time that no other sauna can compete with. This never before seen heating system allows you to be in your sauna immediately and when you need it most.

Benefits of the Rapid Internal Heating System™

We created the Rapid Internal Heating System™ for the increased amount of benefits it brings. Increasing endurance is a huge benefit that many other saunas can’t offer. Saunas are used by a majority of athletes and an increased number of gym goers. This means that their body has been working hard and reaching high levels of internal heat. The Rapid Internal Heating System™ gives the athlete or regular gym goers a realistic feel in how fast their body heats up while working out.


This is important because imitating the activity that your body undergoes will give you a greater heat tolerance threshold. You will be actively improving your ability to withstand a greater heat which gives you a better and longer performance in the gym.Sauna users’ complain often because they seek to have a quick recovery for their bodies, but most saunas can’t provide this with their current heating system. The Rapid Internal Heating System™ meets the needs of the common sauna user. The system heats the Medical Saunas and your body up so fast that the blood quickly flows to the tired and strained muscles helping them to recover faster and feel relaxed much quicker. Your body will feel eased and you will feel completely renewed.



Medical Saunas™ are based purely on documented studies. While many of our competitors make claims without proof, we only provide benefits that are based on documented studies, so you can really see how big of an impact regular heat therapy can be for your health.

We are extremely careful which products we put our name on. Because we want to make sure every product we put our name on works for you, we only create products with overwhelming documented research behind them. Our brand is extremely important to us.

Click here to see all of the studies with citations or actual links to the research so you can freely verify the information.

Hot/Cold Therapy

Hot/Cold Therapy has many benefits in relaxing muscles and improving flexibility, and finally this therapy can be naturally benefited from only in a Medical Saunas. Most heating systems in saunas are too slow to heat up, making the benefits of the warm up, cool down rounds recommended by so many sauna users and experts, impossible to achieve. The Rapid Internal Heating System™ is the only system that can achieve the hot/cold therapy and allow you to reach the many benefits.

The Detox Routine

Regular use of a Medical Sauna will remove the bad toxins and impurities from your body. Most saunas say they have the ability to remove some toxins from your body, but miss some that can be dangerous to your health. Medical Saunas are the leaders in removing toxins from your body. Following The Detox Routine, regular use of Medical Saunas, will repeatedly enlarge the pores on your skin and flush the harmful toxins out of your body.

Circulation Design

As important to the temperatures as a heating system, the insulation of a sauna allows the temperature to be constant. For too long, saunas user have experienced the unwanted temperature fluctuations of a poorly designed sauna. We have invented a design that works with and not against our heating system that uses the temperatures inside the sauna to keep your sauna at a constant temperature, and accurate to your desires to receive the full benefits that Medical Saunas can offer.




Medical Sauna™ are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA, and we ship it directly from our factory. We exclusively work with medical doctors, dermatologists, and pain specialists who wish the same great health among our customers.

As we further innovate, we listen to our customers. We have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails and comments from customers who have paid for and used Medical Saunas to prove that the Medical Sauna was made for you.

Click here to read our customer reviews.

3D Heat Therapy™

Medical Sauna is the first and only sauna on the market to offer 3D Heat Therapy™. Heat therapy has many benefits for your body including, improvements in sore muscles, increase range of motion, decreased muscle spasms, and decreased pain. The 3D Heat Therapy™ works by penetrating into the tissue and cells as temperature rises, which lead to therapeutic benefits in all parts of your body. This improved therapy, only found in a Medical Sauan, will make your body feel refreshed and renewed.

Cool Down System

A very important process when using a sauna is when you allow your body to cool down. No other sauna provides a system of airflow that allows for an efficient cool down stage after using your sauna, until now. Medical Sauna has aided your cool down stage making it easier as its design allows the hot air to slowly escape the sauna, cooling down your body at the recommended pace and assisting you in the remainder of your cooling down process. As a very vital process for a sauna owner, the cool down in this sauna will keep you safe, and feeling revived.

Cleanses Your Skin

Using Medical Saunas can immediately give you benefits in keeping your skin healthy, happy, and young. With the ability to remove the dead skin from your body, Medical Sauna allows your pores to open larger and send more blood circulation closer to the surface of your body, healing your skin. Only Medical Sauna can reach every square inch of your body and leave your skin feeling new, fresh, and soft. As you sweat, your body reacts and asks to be hydrated. Staying hydrated after the sweating process given to you by Medical Saunas is natural way to keep your skin at its healthiest.

Medical Saunas are more than just saunas. They were designed to help heal your body. Because of all the doctors that came together to help make Medical Saunas possible, and the over 100+ years of combine experience they all provided, there are lots of medical benefits you will receive by using it daily.

Benefits of Medical Sauna


Medical Sauna is the leaders in removing toxins out of your body through sweat. As apposed to other sweating, the sweating in a Medical Sauna also allows your blood to flow to the important organs in your body, while sweating out the impurities.

Pain Relief

The heat therapy combined with also a hot/cold therapy is a great way to relieve people who suffer from painful ailments.

Enhanced Immune System

As your core temperature increases, your body produces white blood cells. With regular use, your white blood cell count increases and assists your body in fighting illnesses faster.

Stress Relief

When experiencing the hot temperatures of a sauna, the warmth is known to be a key in relaxation and relieving stress. Regular users of Medical Saunas have claimed to have overcome the effects of insomnia and sleep better at night.

Respiratory Relief

For those suffering with chest congestion, bronchitis, or plugged sinuses, the steam generated in a Medical Sauna gives you relief from your illness.

Healthy Skin & Hair

Spending time in a Medical Sauna helps remove dead skin cells, relaxes facial tension, improves skin elasticity, and rinses away bacteria. This also opens up the glands on our scalps which moisturizes our hair.

Improved Blood Circulation

The heat being absorbed in your body increases your blood flow and expands the blood vessels. This lowers your blood pressure as the blood to your heart can circulate more effectively.

Faster Recovery

Using a Medical Sauna is a quick and highly effective way to increase blood flow to tired and strained muscles, which help them, relax and recover quickly after intense workouts.

Weight Loss

When your heart rate rises, your metabolism increases. This prompts your body to burn more calories and in turn, lose the extra pounds and belly fat.

Improved Endurance

Medical Saunas have the benefits to increase your heat tolerance threshold, thus keeping you from feeling fatigue during a workout for an improved, prolonged performance.


To help you decide for yourself how effective Medical Saunas are, we have listed REAL, UNCENSORED, UNEDITED reviews, emails and comments from customers who have paid for and used Medical Saunas.

Trisha W., New York, NY

I like how Medical 6 makes every part of your body feel amazing. I have so much energy now after a full week of using the sauna every day.

Kevin J.,San Francisco, CA

This sauna is everything advertised and more. Very well engineered and great looking as well. Easily assembled in an hour or so. Simple to use, quiet and roomy. If you are considering a sauna, do not hesitate to buy this one.

Karen N.,Morgan Hills, CA

My body looks leaner, more muscular, and defined! They say each 30 min session you burn 600 calories. We’re in there for, at least, 45 min! Eventually, the sauna will heat up faster when its used often. Also, it doesnt consume a lot of power either. I LOVE IT! I recommend it to anyone who’s curious to take their healthy lifestyle to the next level, to the person who wants to lose weight or take their weight loss management to the next level, to the person who wants to find relaxation and stress free from life. GET ONE NOW! They are the new “in” in spa therapy, and they will only attract more popularity!!! This thing will pay for itself in a year!!!”

Megan S.,Knoxville, TN

We love using our sauna. The first benefit we noticed was clean, smooth, soft, healthy skin.(This is greatly helped by using a loofah in the shower after the sauna.) Currently, the sauna is helping us detox toxic minerals. Also, it is calming to the nervous system. I hate missing the sauna for more than a day or two, especially in winter.

Kristen R.,Plano, TX

You know, it’s been I think like three weeks since our sauna arrived and I apologize that I’ve yet to sit down and tell you “thank you” SO much for providing such an incredible product! Until yesterday, I had not missed even ONE day of relaxing in this gorgeous sauna…and since I did miss yesterday, you can bet that it’s warming up right now as I type this to you. You were so helpful as I took so long making my decision. This is truly a beautifully built piece of furniture. All I can say is that the design is absolutely ingenious.
I’m amazed that I set the temp and timer, and then I make some tea…I usually wait about 15 minutes, get in and within another 10 -15 minutes I am sweating like crazy. I’ve been staying in between 40 and 60 minutes. It is glorious. I just really want you to know how thrilled I’ve been with the sauna.

David C.,San Jose, CA

My favorite part is literally how much sweat comes from my body. It says that the toxins from my body are escaping because of that sweat but I wasn’t sure if this was true. I asked my doctor and she said this is the case. It makes me feel like I got more from this sauna than I ever would have expected. Awesome!

Joseph S.,Garland, TX

I’ve come to enjoy the ritual of the sauna. After my 20 minutes zipped up whatever stresses I feel in me dissolve and I am calm. I follow with a shower beginning with lukewarm water and finishing with a cold blast that makes my skin feels brand new.

Lee H.,Tampa., FL

What a way to start the day. Everyone should start their day in a Sauna. With my all my aches and pains this takes care of them first thing in the morning. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan C.,El Dorado, CA

This sauna is perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. The heat is even across the panels and the look is complimentary to wanting it seen and not hidden away. Everything fit perfectly and I assembled it easily enough by myself in 20 minutes from unpacking. The amount of sweat that pours out of you is amazing and my skin feels so much cleaner and rejuvenated.
Highly recommend to anyone.

Terry P.,Chicago, IL

We have begun using the sauna and it is an unparalleled experience… I’ll be on my fourth session tonight and my husband on his second. We have already begun telling others about it!

Andrea B.,Henderson, NV

I am so happy with this purchase. I have wanted a Sauna because of the health benefits so I was searching for great reviews and price. I was also concerned with size and this was perfect for my small extra room. The design is simple and should be easy for most to put together. Delivery was fast and the customer service was there to help. I am enjoying the sauna daily and the heat is just right and adjustable. I am so glad that I did my research and got this sauna.

Renee A.,Santa Monica, CA

My muscles were very tight…I did yoga the day before and it feels great…the regular saunas at the gym make me uncomfortable…I’ve had chronic issues with my back for 15 years…right now I feel very loose and all I did was sit in the sauna for five minutes…it’s pretty amazing…I love it!

Neelima H., Tempe, AZ

I had been buying sessions at a local spa when I decided to look into purchasing one myself, so I copied all the info on the one at the spa and went looking to buy the same one. I figured since there are so many on the market why not buy the same brand you have used and liked so that’s what I did. Last week I ordered it online and with in a couple of days it was here!!! incredible. Then in less than one hour it was all but together and ready for use. I could not be happier, first of all I found the very best price and also the service was great.

Lauren T.,Los Angeles, CA

We love our new Sauna. I think it was one of the best investments we could have made…. My husband and kids are going into it nearly every night. It takes the chill out of those days where the weather doesn’t get very warm.

Medical benefits of a Medical Sauna™

From Oprah and Dr. Oz to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Irvin Sahni, everyday more and more doctors are seeing the benefits of what saunas can provide for their patients. Getting sauna therapy on a daily basis proves to be more and more available as the technology and innovations improve through companies like Medical Sauna. We put so much of our valuable time and resources into making a Medical Sauna perfect for our customers. Medical Saunas provide a revolutionary breakthrough in therapies and technology. It is the first sauna medically engineered to help improve blood flow, heal your muscles, and achieve absolute pain relief for a better night sleep.

Medical Saunas are made to be used on a daily basis to help improve your mind, body and health.

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