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Let Us Tell You Our Story

From the Beginning...

There are many saunas available on the market, but they lack one critical factor—they were not designed by doctors. Medical saunas are so helpful they can help well over 80 million people deal with medical conditions, and there have been lots of actual documentations about how effective they are, so we were surprised that no one has made a true medical sauna. Although we were happy to wait for another company to develop the perfect sauna, after years of waiting it became clear that was not going to happen. This is why we started developing our very own Medical Saunas™.

Our Development Process

Before we built our saunas we tried, tested, and heavily researched all the leading saunas on the market, and the results we found were frightening. Most of the saunas being sold today miss the whole point of being medical. A great sauna should help relieve pain, detoxify your blood, improve joint health and reduce arthritic pain at a minimum. Unfortunately, most saunas fail to meet this basic threshold. Even worse, some of the saunas we tested cause more harm than they help. We looked up each sauna's EMF ratings, and found that some of them had much higher emissions than they were rated for, which is deceptive. If a company would lie about that, what else aren't they telling you? Because saunas are so popular, most saunas were made just to cash in on the sauna craze. They are poorly made with shoddy materials and provide you nothing more than a warm, relaxing feeling, and virtually no health benefits.

Making money is important for any company, but this was not a priority for us when we were creating our sauna. The most important thing is helping the 15 million

Americans suffering from cardiovascular problems*, 53 million Americans dealing with arthritis**, and the 60 million Americans who have problems sleeping every night†. We wanted to create a sauna that was without equal and would not only make you feel good while you were in the sauna, but have a lasting impact after you stepped out. We worked around the clock with the biggest sauna manufacturers in the world and several medical doctors to create and develop the ultimate line of saunas. Together, it took us over 10 years to perfect the process, and hundreds of failed attempts at creating a near 0 EMF sauna that can truly help your body, mind, and soul heal. Since the medical benefits of saunas were our sole priority throughout the design and engineering process, we felt that there was no better name for our work than Medical Saunas™.

We accept nothing less than perfection so we are in control of the product from start to finish; we don't allow any middlemen to compromise our vision. You can purchase our saunas directly from us with confidence, knowing that you're getting an unmatched product.

Many of our competitors offer saunas that are poorly made or that are missing key heating features. Medical Saunas are made with materials and manufacturing practices that are industrial grade in world class facilities. We spared no expense when it came to making a sauna that can help heal you.

It's our mission to help you improve your body, mind, and soul with our saunas. We are proud to finally unveil our sauna with truly medical benefits--A Medical Doctor's Sauna.

Medical Saunas™ is a division of Medical Breakthrough™.



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